5th Long Night of the Film Festivals – Berlin

The 5th Lange Nacht der Filmfestivals – Long night of the film festivals in Berlin…….what the what? Which film festival? Well, ALL OF THEM!

What is it?

The Festiwelt association is made up of 22 film festivals in Berlin. This network of Berlin film festivals is like the big daddy of the film festival scene and to celebrate its awesomeness, each year there is one long night where up to 100 films are screened in one night from 3 pm on Saturday, August 19th, to the early hours of Sunday morning. Hence – the long night.

Who is it?

You can see a gamut of different film genre and foreign films from all over the world, all who’ve been represented in Berlin over the year. Who are they? Well, just briefly ……..

11mm Football Film Festival, Attention Berlin – New Berlin Film Award, Afrikamera, Alfilm -Arab Film Festival Berlin, Cinebrasil, Film Festival Contra Vision, Down Under Berlin -Australian & New Zealand Film Festival (THAT’S US!), French Film Week Berlin, Genrenale, Iinterfilm, International Short Film Festival Berlin, kiezkieken, KUKI International Children and Youth Short Film Festival Berlin, One World Berlin Human Rights Film Festival, Russia Film Week in Berlin, Shebeen Flick Irish Film Festival Berlin, Spanish Film Festival Berlin, XPOSED International Queer Film Festival, Uranium Film Festival Berlin, Webfest Berlin, Christmas Film Festival and the ZEBRA Poetry Film Festival Münster/Berlin.

As for Down Under Berlin, we have chosen the best of the best from our 2016 program, for a short film line-up on the night.

Come and see Ouroboros, Home, Back to Earth, The Kangaroo Guy and last year’s short film audience prize winner – The Disappearance of Willie Bingham

Where is it?

It all happens at one awesome location, Zukunft (Future) at Ostkreuz. Open since 2012, this cultural hub has three cinemas, a bar and a music club, a gallery, and two outdoor beer gardens, front and back. And considering there’s live music and food trucks on the Lange Nacht der Filmfestivals night, well I’d say you’re pretty set. In between spending more than a few hours watching films, there’s food to enjoy from several tasty food trucks there on the night, and as far as music goes – an awesome roll call: rock, jazz, and blues from Karl Schloz basement Tape, earthy acoustic folk from Ru, and experimental Swedish countryside tunes sounds by Dreampop. If you are in the mood for DJ’s stick around for sets from DJ Walter Crass Hole and DJ Anat.

Plus there’s beer, lots of beer on tap, and whatever other beverage may help you through the night.

Can I come?

The Lange Nacht Der Film Festivals is an awesome evening out in Berlin. It’s for everyone who loves a good movie and it helps to strengthen a national and international film culture in Berlin. So why wouldn’t you go along? We cannot wait to see you there. Get your tickets now so you don’t miss out!

Check them out on the Festiwelt Fb page, or on ours!


Check out the Down Under Berlin 2017 film festival program calendar, and we’ll see you at the movies!


Samstag, 19. August 2017


Zukunft am Ostkreuz, Laskerstraße 5, Markgrafendamm 10245 Berlin


Tickets: 12/8 Euro

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