DUB at the 6th Lange Nacht der Berliner Filmfestivals

For the 6th year in a row Down Under Berlin is part of Festiwelt’s Long Night of The Film Festivals in Berlin on August 18th. We are very excited about our program this year.

But first, a little backstory - Festiwelt is THE network of film festivals in Berlin and every year the put on a ridiculously good event where they screen up to 100 films over a period of 10 hours, in one awesome location in a festival atmosphere with food trucks, beer on tap and some kick-ass music. Need we say more? Ok, here’s some more…..



 Zunkunft at Ostkreuz is the venue, it has three cinemas, a bar and a music club, a gallery, and a front and back outdoor beer garden. Combine this gem with the food trucks Cherie Chocolat, Ariana Cook and Buddha, plus live music performances on the outdoor stage from DJane Anat Gilad, The Instant Tigers and Wichswut, and all the films you’ll see from the myriad of festivals represented by Festiwelt for just €12 full and €8 concession, and you are sure to have one hell of a night.

Location Images © Zunkunft at Ostkreuz


Some of the other film festivals screening their own programs are

11mm - Fussballfilmfestival, achtung berlin - new berlin film award, AFRIKAMERA, Alfilm - Arab Film Festival Berlin, Around the World in 14 Films, Cinebrasil, Filmfestival ContraVision, Festival of Animation Berlin, Film: Schweiz, Französische Filmwoche Berlin, Genrenale, interfilm Berlin Internationales Kurzfilmfestival Berlin, Kiezkieken Festivalteam, KUKI Festival, One World Berlin Human Rights Film Festival, Russische Filmwoche Berlin, Shebeen Flick Irish Film Festival, Spanisches Filmfest Berlin, Soundwatch Berlin Music Film Festival, Uranium Film Festival - Das Filmfest des atomaren Zeitalters in Berlin., Webfest Berlin, Weihnachtsfilmfestival, The Xposed International Queer Film Festival, ZEBRA Poetry Film Festival Münster/Berlin….so…yeah, LOTS to see

But what is Down Under Berlin screening? THAT is the big question. We have picked a best-of selection, which highlights both Australia and New Zealand in some seriously good short film action. Our screening of 6 short films is called "Upside Down" and is in kino 3  at 5.15pm and then a late screening at 2 am, just in case you missed the first one! Want some serious advice? - Get in early, we were so packed last year in the early session that we had to turn people away, and we HATE doing that. We begin with the European premiere of the kick-ass action short, Do No Harm. This film actually wasn’t in last years DUB program, but we managed to secure it for LNFF and couldn’t be happier about it! After the Do No Harm ride sit back and enjoy our 2017 highlights such as Aquarium, Waltzing Matilda, Spring Jam, and our Short Film Battle 2017 winners, Madam Black, and The World In Your Window. This is going to be one long night of film, and we can’t freaking wait!

Check out the event on the Festiwelt Facebook page, or on our DUB Facebook page as well!


Check out the Down Under Berlin 2018 film festival program calendar, and we’ll see you at the movies!

Charmaine Gorman is an Australian actress and writer living in Berlin with her family. As a content writer and editor, she works for many clients around the world, and along with her husband, is the founder and content manager of the online travel guide My Guide Berlin

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