DUB at the 7th Long Night of the Film Festivals

The Long Night of the Film Festivals returns for its 7th edition in the heart of Berlin on August 24th 2019. Down Under Berlin joins the fun with a line-up of its best short films from last year’s program.

Located in the iconic cinema & beer garden ZUKUNFT am Ostkreuz and starting at 3pm, Long Night of the Film Festivals will go on well into the wee hours of the morning and will present around a 100 short and feature films from more than 20 Berlin festivals, with Down Under Berlin’s short film program “Life in Pieces” starting at 9:30pm in Kino 4. The spectrum of films is vast and there is a genre for everyone. You don't want to miss this!


“The particular competence and independence of the individual festivals stands for the strength of Berlin’s film festival culture. In contrast to the regular cinema programs, the festivals offer a cross-section of international filmmaking that is sensationally diverse and unique.” – Festiwelt


Down Under Berlin’s selection this year is a melange of comedy, drama, thriller, animation and music. Carefully curated line-up highlights both Australia and New Zealand in six beautifully shot short films. Our screening includes Misimpressions, Cleaver, Fifty-Two, Baby?, The Blue Ducks and Your Call Is Important To Us.



Sinead Lau | NZ | 2017 | Drama, Comedy, Music | 10 min

Louie and Darius are young practitioners of classical arts, living together in a small flat. Louie is a still-life painter and Darius is a zealous violinist in the midst of composing a violin solo. When they receive a letter from their landlord, their complacent existence is threatened. Faced with eviction, Louie and Darius search for a third roommate to help pay for the property rather than give up their artistic den.



Alexander McKenna | NZ | 2017 | Drama, Thriller | 17 min

A lonely, detached young man lives next to a family who are stuck in a violent relationship, the effects of which begin to take its toll on his consciousness.



Brodie Stephenson | AUS | 2017 | Stop-Motion, Sci-Fi | 9 min

An employee by a decade long work placement contract grows tired of the isolation in his underground station and attempts to find his freedom.



Mark Prebble | NZ | 2017 | Drama | 12 min

Isabelle, determined not to spend her 65th birthday alone, invites herself into the home of her new neighbour, a struggling mum in the middle of a nervous breakdown.



Ellen Richardson | AUS | 2016 | Drama | 11 min

Teenager Mallory must humiliate her younger sister in order to not lose face in front of her clique.



TJ Power | AUS | 2017 | Comedy | 14 min

This short comedy confirms our fears about what really goes on at call-centers when we’re asked, ‘Please hold?’ We peek behind the scenes of one particularly specialized call-centre on that fateful day when big-shot CEO, Simon, makes the most important call of his life.

The Long Night of the Film Festivals is organised by Festiwelt - a network uniting more than 20 film festivals in Berlin, each year screening up to 100 films over a period of 10 hours and celebrating Berlin as the international film festival metropolis. In one attractive location, with food and drink and some live music, it’s all you could ever want from a film festival in the summer.

This year, the Long Night of the Film festival will feature street food and drinks by Guora Pakora, Buddha, Sebastian Burgold and Mokkaperle coffee. Music lovers can enjoy Berlin bands Honolulu Transport with sounds of the South Seas and East Berlin Androgyn , a hip hop group. In the evening, Candice Gordon will rock the garage of the Zukunft am Ostkreuz, and DJs of What Difference Does It Make will make you dance.

Here are some of the other film festivals who are screening their own programs this year:

11mm - Football Film Festival, achtung berlin - New Berlin Film Award, AFRIKAMERA, Alfilm - Arab Film Festival Berlin, Boddinale, ContraVision Film Festival, The First Vertical, Festival of Animation Berlin, Film: Switzerland, French Film Week Berlin, Genrenale, interfilm Berlin, KUKI Festival, Litauisches Kino Goes Berlin, Obscura Film Festival, One World Berlin Human Rights Film Festival, Prachtige films, Russian Dok, Russian Film Week Berlin, Soundwatch Berlin Music Film Festival, Uranium Film Festival Berlin, Webfest Berlin, Christmas Film Festival, ZEBRA Poetry Film Festival.

Admission is €12 (regular) and €8 (reduced). From 3-4pm the entrance is free.

As you can probably tell, this is going to be jam-packed and one hell of a movie night.

Check out the event on the Festiwelt Facebook page and on our very own DUB Facebook page, too! Plus have a look at the fresh Down Under Berlin 2019 festival program.

We’ll see you at the movies!

Holly Barnard is a London born theatre maker and content writer based in Berlin. She is the Artistic Director of her own theatre company, Cold Dinner, and works for several theatre company’s in both London and Berlin.