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Audience Awards

Down Under Berlin is an audience festival, giving its visitors the chance to vote for its two main awards: Best Film and Best Short Film. These awards are a great way for filmmakers to get the recognition they deserve, and a great opportunity for sponsors to get involved in one of the key highlights of the festival.

Best Film Award

Our Best Film Award rewards the best feature film (fiction or documentary) showcased at the festival. All feature films submitted to the festival enter the competition, and the audience favourite will receive the award after a vote. Filmmakers, this is your chance to get your film recognized at a European festival, in front of an international audience!

"The festival is great: six sold-out screenings is an amazing thing to come to a festival for, and it's great to show New Zealand films to German audiences!" - Carthew Neal, Producer of 'Hunt for the Wilderpeople' (DUB 2016)

Best Short Film Award

Our Best Short Film Award rewards the best short film of the festival (fiction or documentary), as chosen by the audience. Shorts may also be submitted for our "Battle of the Shorts: Australia vs. New Zealand", a unique chance at an epic cinematic face-off and an additional audience prize for the winner.

"I'm very excited to see extraordinary films that you don't see in the regular cinemas." - Audience member (DUB 2014)

Why participate?

In 2017, Deep Water: The Real Story won the Best Film Award, moving audiences to their core with its account of the disturbing true story of a series of murders targeting gay men on Sydney’s coastline throughout the 1980s and 1990s. If cinema was ever made to shake audiences, raise important societal questions, and shed light on the forgotten tragedies of the past, director Amanda Blue and her team certainly did their medium and subject justice. In the short film category, Ivan Barge’s Madam Black won its audience over with its quirky and absurd humour which is so unique for films from Down Under. The winners went home with up to 90 minutes of subtitling service for their next project, courtesy of Lingual Consultancy. Additionally, runner-up for Best Short Film The World in Your Window by Zoe MacIntosh was awarded with a one-year premium membership by film community platform FilmUp.

These awards give filmmakers and sponsors the opportunity to come together at the festival. They give filmmakers an additional recognition from the festival and its audience, and will help them take their film further in the festival landscape, in Europe and elsewhere.

As for sponsors, these awards are a great opportunity for cross-promotion and reaching out to new audiences by joining Down Under Berlin at screenings and events, thereby reaching an international and diverse crowd. If you would like to find out more about how you can get involved in these Awards or work with us in other capacities, please follow this link!