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Content for previous festivals is only available for Down Under Berlin 2016 and 2017 at this moment. Watch this space for further festival wrap-ups.

Program 2017

The 2017 festival program encompassed a compelling range of fiction and documentary features and shorts that look beyond everyday life, into the past, and towards new futures. With the festival motto Looking Beyond, festival guests were not only able to see amazing feature films and brand new and highly anticipated documentaries. The 2017 short film program was the biggest it has ever been and brought together the work of professional filmmakers and up-and-coming film graduates. [Read More]

Program 2016

With the festival motto Life Happens, the festival presented Australian and New Zealand feature and short films as well as documentaries that capture the stories of love and friendship, loss and regret, coming-of-age and finding oneself, and how the choices we make define our lives. The 2016 instalment of Down Under Berlin marked another high in the festival's history of attending filmmakers from Australia and New Zealand. [Read More]

Program 2015

In 2015 Down Under Berlin turned 5!  The festival motto Paradise Unknown offered wide and inspiring options to explore Australia as well as New Zealand and their reputations as paradise in a different way. Stories about ageing, daily survival, hopes, family, travelling and different lifestyles showed how far and sometimes close they are from the definition of paradise. The program ranged from independent short and feature film productions to one of the contestants in the competition for the best foreign language film at the Oscars 2015. [Read More]

Program 2014

In its fourth year, Down Under Berlin has developed into the largest festival for Australian film in Europe. In 2014 the festival motto was Make It Home with the special focus Aussies Abroad. The festival presented historical moments in Australian film as well as current highlights and talents of tomorrow. Down Under Berlin allowed its audience to experience rare insights into cultures of the southern hemisphere. [Read More]

Program 2013

With the festival motto The Taste of Australia, the special taste of Australian films and the way they are perceived by the public was the focus at the third festival. Down Under Berlin presented nearly 60 films from Australia and New Zealand. The festival program included feature films, numerous short films and also animations. Compared to previous years, the number of documentaries has increased significantly.

Program 2012

Following the success of the first festival, the team at Down Under Berlin prepared another exciting and diverse program of shorts, fiction films and documentaries as well as events surrounding the films and presented Australia’s rich film culture. As part of the Indigenous Australia section of the festival, Down Under Berlin presented a number of films which deal with the issues and lives of Australia’s indigenous groups. 

Program 2011

In its first year, the festival's focus was on showing the social and cultural diversity of Australia and its people. With the motto We explore the raw side of Australian cinema, the festival presented alternative independent productions that go beyond the artistic and political mainstream. The section Aboriginal Australia showed films with and about Aboriginals.