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Program 2015

Down Under Berlin 2015

In 2015 Down Under Berlin turned 5! #highfive  Accordingly, our anniversary edition was held over the course of 5 days, 16-20 September 2015, at Moviemento Kino in Berlin. For an overview of all the Australian and New Zealand goodness that unfolded during the festival, check our program!

Program 2015

2015's theme was Paradise Unknown, offering wide and inspiring options to explore Australia as well as New Zealand and their reputations as paradise in a different way. Stories about ageing, daily survival, hopes, family, travelling and different lifestyles showed how far and sometimes close they are from the definition of paradise. Der Tagesspiegel, one of Berlin’s leading daily papers, described the 2015 festival program as the continuation of a great display of Australian and New Zealand film. A wonderful glimpse under the veil of Australia's and New Zealand heavenly landscapes, and into the multitude of nuances and experiences each country has to offer.

Audience Awards Winners

The two winning films in 2015 were the documentary Once My Mother (2013) by Sophia Turkiewicz which received the Audience Award and short film Stuffed (2013) by Warwick Young. Stuffed was named best film in the The New Talents Showcase category. The film’s protagonist is Peter, a 40 year old amateur taxidermist who lives with his mother. When she dies he does all he can to keep her with him. Shot on location in Dungog this film tells the moving story of a man trapped in time and the lengths he goes to, to hold on to the past. Watch the trailer at

We were honoured to have producer Rod Freedman introduce Once My Mother. In this very personal documentary Sophia Turkiewicz investigates the circumstances that led to her mother abandoning her in an Adelaide orphanage. She learns about her mother’s wartime escape from a Siberian gulag and  – now in middle age – examines her troubled relationship with her mother and discovers the story behind the miraculous wartime escape from a Siberian gulag, her subsequent survival against the odds and the truth about an historic betrayal involving Stalin and the Allies. To find out more go to

Messages from Down Under

Given how far away Berlin is from Down Under we often show video messages by our film makers just before we screen their film. That way they get to introduce their own films and say hi to the audience. You can find one such video below. It is an intro by Natalie Cunningham and Ror Akot to the documentary ROR(2013) which we screened at our closing night in 2015.

Festival Calendar 2015

september, 2015

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201516sep8:00 pm10:00 pmElixirBrodie Higgs | GER & AUS| 2015 | Drama | 111 min | English w. German subtitles8:00 pm - 10:00 pm Country:AustraliaGenre:DramaFilm Tags:Festival Opening,Filmmaker in Attendance,Followed by Reception,With Introduction

201517sep7:30 pm9:45 pmThe Dead LandsToa Fraser | NZ | 2014 | Indigenous, adventure | 109 min | Māori w. English subtitles | German Premiere7:30 pm - 9:45 pm Country:New ZealandGenre:Adventure,IndigenousPremiere Status:German

201518sep7:00 am8:10 amNew Talents Showcase: Looking ForwardDiverse directors | AUS | 2013 | 64 min | English | Diverse Premieres7:00 am - 8:10 am Country:AustraliaGenre:Animation,Comedy,Documentary,Drama,Experimental,ThrillerPremiere Status:European,German,International

201518sep8:30 pm10:30 pmWake in FrightTed Kotcheff | AUS | 1971 | Drama, thriller | 114 min | English 8:30 pm - 10:30 pm Country:AustraliaGenre:Drama,Thriller

201518sep(sep 18)11:00 pm19(sep 19)12:40 amWyrmwoodKiah Roache-Turner | AUS | 2014 | Horror | 98 min | English 11:00 pm - 12:40 am (19) Country:AustraliaGenre:Horror

201519sep12:30 pm1:30 pmNew Talents Showcase: Becoming WholeDiverse directors | AUS | 2013 | 55 min | English | Diverse Premieres12:30 pm - 1:30 pm Country:AustraliaGenre:Animation,Comedy,Documentary,Drama,Experimental,ThrillerPremiere Status:European,German,International

201519sep2:00 pm3:30 pmMessage from MungoAndrew Pike & Ann McGrath | AUS | 2014 | Documentary | 70 min | English | European Premiere2:00 pm - 3:30 pm Country:AustraliaGenre:DocumentaryPremiere Status:EuropeanFilm Tags:With Introduction

201519sep4:30 pm6:15 pmOnce My MotherSophia Turkiewicz | AUS | 2013| Documentary | 73 min | English and Russian w. English subtitles| German Premiere4:30 pm - 6:15 pm Country:AustraliaGenre:DocumentaryFilm Tags:Film Team in Attendance

201519sep7:00 pm8:10 pmNew Talents Showcase: Breaking ThroughDiverse directors | AUS | 2013 - 2014 | 66 min | English | Diverse Premieres7:00 pm - 8:10 pm Country:AustraliaGenre:Animation,Comedy,Documentary,Drama,Experimental,ThrillerPremiere Status:European,German,International

201519sep8:30 pm10:50 pmThe Dark HorseJames Napier Robertson | NZ | 2014 | Drama, biography | 124 min | English | Berlin Premiere8:30 pm - 10:50 pm Country:New ZealandGenre:DramaPremiere Status:Berlin

201520sep2:00 pm3:00 pmShack LifeLesley Branagan & Brent Melton | AUS | 2014 | Documentary | 55 min | English | European Premiere2:00 pm - 3:00 pm Country:AustraliaGenre:DocumentaryPremiere Status:EuropeanFilm Tags:Followed by Reception

201520sep4:00 pm5:30 pmGuest Festival: Made in Melbourne Film FestivalDiverse directors | AUS | 2010 - 2013 | 79 min | English | Diverse Premieres4:00 pm - 5:30 pm Country:AustraliaGenre:Animation,Comedy,Documentary,Drama,Experimental,ThrillerPremiere Status:European,German,International

201520sep6:00 pm7:45 pmSundayDustin Clare | AUS & NZ | 2014 | Drama, romance | 71 min | English | European Premiere6:00 pm - 7:45 pm Country:Australia / New ZealandGenre:Drama,RomancePremiere Status:EuropeanFilm Tags:Film Team in Attendance

201520sep8:15 pm10:15 pmHip Hop-erationBryn Evans | NZ | 2014 | Documentary | 93 min | English with German subtitles | German Premiere8:15 pm - 10:15 pm Country:New ZealandGenre:DocumentaryPremiere Status:GermanFilm Tags:With Introduction