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Want to learn filmmaking in Berlin? Guest DUB blogger Georgina Titheridge gets her hands dirty researching the best film schools in Berlin. 

For all of you who came to this year’s Down Under Festival, and as Winter set in, many of you will be basking in the warm afterglow of antipodean film magic. With so much talent, diversity, and stories being told, for some of you, this year's films may even have inspired to start making your own films. But where do you start? And how do you get a career started in a city like Berlin where the artistic possibilities seem endless? We've compiled a short list of film schools in Berlin, to help you get the ball rolling on your career in film.

For some, film school can be an amazing beginning to their journey in film. Although Filmmaking has always been a craft where a punk ethos of grabbing a camera and making something has always been essential, making films does require skills and knowledge that Film Schools can provide. As filmmaking is about collaboration, it’s as much about making contacts, and being inspired by other skillful talented people, as it is about acquiring new skills.

So where to start? Here are schools of note in Berlin, also taught in English, that provide both hands on and more intellectual approaches to filmmaking. So in no particular order, let’s look at the schools you can study Filmmaking in Berlin.



The AOTR Film School Berlin is based in Prenzlauerberg and is an excellent entry point into Filmmaking. They offer a practical, part-time course, running over 6 months. Its aim is to provide its students with a full range of filmmaking skills, including; directing, storytelling, and post-production.



The Met Film School was founded in London in 2003 and branched out to Berlin in 2012. Taught by industry professionals with an emphasis on practical hands-on experience. The school offers a wide range of course from a full-time MA in Directing, to short courses ranging from 3 months to 2 days, and a recently added MA in Cinematography. The MET is world recognised and they are the only film school in Berlin offering officially recognized MA degrees taught in English, that qualify for the German study visa. The school has an open day in February 2019 if you want to check them out in person.


Priding itself on being the first film school in the Federal Republic, founded in 1966, the DFFB has been since then been home to a community of emerging filmmakers supported by the City of Berlin. DFFB began in 1966 and prides itself on a collaborative, innovative, and international film and television school. It has course specialising in Directing, Screenwriting, production, and Cinematography. Since September an Editing/Sound specialisation course was also added. The school is highly regarded and has some pretty impressive alum, including; Angela Schanelec, Wolfgang Petersen, Helke Sander, and Kiwi-born Chris Kraus.


dbsFilm offers undergrad degrees and certificates in Screen Acting and Film Production. It offers extremely hands-on courses that encourage collaboration and play. The reasonably priced course offers a monthly payment plan for their Bachelor course, which is a good incentive for those who aren’t quite ready to dish out all that coin. They also offer Summer School programs to get a taste of film without committing full-time.

Check out our interview with New Zealander, Adam Donald, head of the Screen Acting Progam at dBs as one of our Expat Filmmakers in Berlin.


Raindance Berlin offers courses and events with the aim to inspire and educate both budding filmmakers, and those more experienced in the game. With various courses offered throughout the year, currently offered are a short course in Script Development and a weekend masterclass in Film Direction. Raindance is a great option for those wanting a less intensive full-time study program, and those wanting those all-important connections with industry professionals both in Berlin and abroad.

Last year DUB interviewed Amanda Clark from Raindance Berlin, check out her '10 questions with.....' blog here.






Of course, this is just the iceberg, of courses available in Berlin. If you have any advice, recommendations, please comment below. We want to share the best knowledge we can, and we hope to see some of your films in Down Under Film Festivals to come.

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Georgina Titheridge - A successful Playwright, and Copywriter from Christchurch, New Zealand. Now based in Berlin, she writes about cars for money and writes scripts for fun.

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