september, 2019

201927sep10:30 pmMaggie MayMia'kate Russell | AUS | 2018 | Drama, Horror | 14 min | English | German Premiere10:30 pm Country:AustraliaGenre:Drama,HorrorPremiere Status:German

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Two estranged sisters, Sam and Maggie, attempt to reconnect after the death of their mother. But Maggie isn’t interest in anything – and that could be Sam’s worst nightmare.

Sam’s sister Maggie May has always been different. After the death of their mother, with whom Maggie May was still living, Sam takes her twin babies to spend the weekend at her late mother’s place to help her out. But Maggie isn’t interested in being helped. She isn’t interested in anything. And that could have fatal consequences.

Part of the short film program “Aussie Shorts – Take 1“ on Friday, 27 September 2019, at 10:30pm. 


“Perfectly creepy” – Dances With Films

The idea for the film came after looking at current world events and noting people’s responses to them. I really feel that being apathetic to those being badly treated is akin to saying you’re okay with it. Social media is awash with people sharing social awareness campaigns to help those in need. People help strangers, giving what they can. The other side is filled with narcissism, vapidness and selfies by those not being able to see the world past themselves.Maggie May takes these two sides of apathy towards others, and vapid narcissism, and wraps them is a bloody story in a suburban home setting.” – Director Mia’kate Russell

Cast: Lulu McClatchy, Katrina Mathers, Sophia Davey


Festivals & Awards

Screamfest Horror Film Festival

Dead by Dawn Film Festival

Bechdel Film Fest

St Kilda Film Festival

Revelation Perth International Film Festival Film & Screenplay Contest – Best Film, Best Horror Baddy

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