Five exceptional feature films at DUB 2016!

5 great films, 5 fantastic trailers, watch them all in preparation for the Down Under Berlin film festival 2016!

In the last instalment of showing off our 2016 film festival program, we are faced with some of the best and critically acclaimed films in recent times, from Australia and New Zealand. Down Under Berlin is simply bursting with excitement that these films are in our program this year and we can’t wait to celebrate them in all their big-screen glory, at Moviemento cinema. Check out these 5 films from Down Under and start booking your tickets!

By Stephen Page | AUS | 2016 | 84 min | European Premiere

“Page frames the action more tightly than some dance fans may expect, but edits intelligently, moving us around to engage us in pieces that generally don’t feel as if they’d been merely ripped from a stage production and blocked for film.” – John DeFore, The Hollywood Reporter

Acclaimed choreographer Stephen Page brings Bangarra Dance Theatre’s outstanding work Spear to the screen. Using gesture and dance, Page’s feature film debut follows a young Aboriginal man named Djali (Hunter Page-Lochard) from the outback to the streets of Sydney on his quest to understand what it means to be a man with ancient traditions in a modern world.

The Ground We Won
By Christopher Pryor & Miriam Smith | NZ | 2015 | 91 min | German Premiere

‘There is the potential for a cliche-ridden tale of an underdog side fighting back from the brink of oblivion, but the film makes the team’s progress part of a bigger, more resonant narrative about a community and even a way of life.” – Peter Calder,

Beautifully shot in B/W and supported by a lyrical score, this unusual documentary takes you to a rural New Zealand rugby club in Reporoa. The film follows a group of rough and warm-hearted farmers, and semi-professional rugby players on and off the field over the course of one footy season. An entertaining and intense look at what it is to be a man

By Heath Davis | AUS | 2016 | 105 min | German Premiere

“Broke is beautifully filmed with an incredible score. Haunting at times, then calm and peaceful, the score, combined with the elegant cinematography make this a captivating film. The imagery is muted in places, invasive in others. The score guides the viewer through the nuances of Broke; there is a lot to feel watching the film and the score keeps the film at just the right emotional level.” – Amy Taylor, Film Blerg 

Broke tells the fictional story of former North Sydney rugby league star Ben “BK” Kelly (Steve Le Marquand), whose life spirals out of control in retirement at the hands of alcohol and a gambling addiction. Cec (Max Cullen), an ageing rail worker, stumbles across his favourite player and attempts with his daughter Terri (Claire van der Boom) to help BK turn his life around.

Love Is Now
By Jim Lounsbury | AUS | 2014 | 97 min | German Premiere

“Jim Lounsbury’s feature film debut has an intoxicating beauty, from its stunning landscapes, captured beautifully by cinematographer Anthony Jennings, to its incredibly well-manicured cast. “ – Cinema Australia

Propelled by new love, Dean (Eamon Farren) and Audrey (Claire van der Boom) embark on a formative adventure following the Australian Harvest Trail, but when Audrey goes missing, Dean discovers significantly more than he ever expected along the way.

Hunt for the Wilderpeople 
By Taika Waititi | NZ | 2016 | 93 min | German Premiere

Mr. Waititi’s expansive sense of human beings in “Hunt for the Wilderpeople” allows his characters to endure loss and hardship without forcing them to be wholly limited by their suffering, as marginalized people too often are in fiction.” – Manohla Dargis,

Taika Waitit is back with a brilliant new film, which takes the audience on a hilarious hunt through the New Zealand wilderness in search of an odd couple: misfit kid Ricky Baker (Julian Dennison) and grumpy uncle Hec (Sam Neill). Full of nerdy and lovable characters, witty dialogue, a great soundtrack, and a special cameo by the director, this film broke the New Zealand box office record. Not to be missed!

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Charmaine Gorman is an Australian actress and writer living in Berlin with her family. As a content writer and editor, she works for many clients around the world, and along with her husband, is the founder and content manager of the online travel guide My Guide Berlin.