It’s on again! The Battle Of The Shorts: AUS vs NZ!

It's that time of year again! Down Under Berlin is pleased to announce the line up for this year's epic Battle of The Shorts competition Thursday, September 19. Do not miss it!

Those of you who attended last year's first-ever Battle of the Shorts know what we mean if we say this year should not be missed! And those of you who missed out last year get the opportunity to get in early before seats are sold out. For the rest of you who are hearing about this for the first time, hold on to your hats, this event is a night to remember.

The best thing about this night, apart from the fact you get to feast on 2 sessions of nonstop short films, is that it is all up to you, the audience. Come for both sessions or just one, either way, you have the power to pick the winners. Voting happens directly after each session, whilst you are still in your seats! Voting cards will be collected and tallied super quick so that the winner of round one will be announced shortly before round two starts, and the winner of round two is announced as soon as possible after the second screening.
In the interval, we'll even be chatting to some of our attending filmmakers who films appear in the battle this year. Goodness me, they could even be the winner! Each of our winners this year will receive a one-year premium subscription to the international film community online platform, FilmUp.


Round one includes eight seriously good short films: 4 Australian and 4 New Zealand.
Paired against one another, they battle it out to win the title.
Diverse directors | AUS &NZ | 2016-2017 | 87 min | English | Diverse Premieres Thursday 20th September. 6.30pm.
Director Hannah Dougherty in attendance, with Q & A


Winner Winner Chicken Dinner: Dir - Claudia Holmes AUS / Sunday Fun Day: Dir - Dianna Fuemana NZ

Fifty-Two: Dir - Brodie Stephenson AUS / Fire in Cardboard City: Dir - Phil Brough NZ

Mother: Dir - David Rusanow AUS / Motel: Dir - Lauren Porteous NZ

Guerilla Bay: Dir - Hannah Dougherty AUS / I Will Not Write Unless I Am Swaddled in Furs: Dir - Wade Shotter NZ


Round Two shows off 6 varied and superb films, 3 Australian and 3 New Zealand short films,
head to head, let the battle begin!
Diverse directors | AUS &NZ | 2016-2017 | 90 min | English | Diverse Premieres Thursday 20th September. 9.00pm.
Director Adam Thorogood in attendance, with Q & A


Mute: Dir - Adam Thorogood NZ / The Blue Ducks: Dir - Ellen Richardson AUS

Cleaver: Dir - Alexander McKenna NZ / Skin: Dir - Emma Blakey, Jason Lance David AUS

A Woman’s Right to Shoes: Dir - Robyn Grace NZ / Mrs McCutcheon: Dir - John Sheedy AUS

Do not wait, we had to squeeze the audience in last year, so get your tickets now and we'll see you at the movies!

Charmaine Gorman is an Australian actress and writer living in Berlin with her family. As a content writer and editor, she works for many clients around the world, and along with her husband, is the founder and content manager of the online travel guide My Guide Berlin

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