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Get involved

We are a small team of volunteers, who choose to dedicate some (a lot) of our free time to Australian and New Zealand cinema. We all come from different backgrounds and bring in many different skills, but we are all united by our love for movies and the passion we put into Down Under Berlin!

Running a festival is not an easy endeavour, but when you are lucky enough to work with the right people, it's the most exciting and rewarding challenge of all. If you think you have your own particular skillset to bring to Down Under Berlin, are pro-active, a teamplayer, and reliable, have a look at the available positions below and send us a message! We would love to hear from you!

Open positions

Website Admin & Content Creator (WordPress)

We are currently looking for new team members, i.e. for someone with website admin/WordPress experience who's also interested in content creation. Please contact us for more information via Looking forward to hearing from you!