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Sponsoring & Cooperation

Sponsoring Down Under Berlin offers you the opportunity to promote your brand in multiple ways during the annual festival in September, and/or at a range of exclusive film previews, or open air movie nights, and concerts throughout the year. We can offer you a presence in our printed material (program brochures, posters, flyers), host special events and receptions for you over the course of the festival, show your trailer or logo on the big screen before screenings, lay out your promotional material during the festival,  and cross-promote your company on our social media channels. We are of course open to more ideas and suggestions: our goal is to create the best partnership for you and for us. 

Partnering with Down Under Berlin will help you reach new audiences and gain access not only to local urban explorers, but also international visitors. Over the past seven years we have built a strong foundation with and have gained the trust of partners such as the Australian and New Zealand Embassies in Berlin, Tourism Australia, STA Travel, Zitty Magazine, EXBERLINER, Adina Apartment Hotels, Aesop, Rust Sydney, Jameson Irish Whiskey, Our Vodka, Lockwood Berlin, or former Governing Mayor, Klaus Wowereit.

We also count international lingual service provider Lingual Consultancy and filmmakers platform FilmUp as some of our current, and Berlin-based start-up LUUV amongst our previous partners. As 2017 festival’s official prize sponsor, Lingual Consultancy provided up to 90 minutes of subtitling to the recipients of the Audience Awards for “Best Film” and “Best Short Film” in 2017 whereas FilmUp provided a one-year premium membership for the runner-up in the category of “Best Short Film” and for the winners of the Battle of the Shorts on day two of the festival.

As a non-profit registered association, we are always looking to create meaningful, long-lasting, and tailored partnerships for both Down Under Berlin and our partners to make the most out of every collaboration.