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  DUB is taking a break... See you in 2021!   Down Under Berlin Film Festival won't take place this year, but we are looking forward to being back in 2021 with the best of Australian and New Zealand films up our sleeves!                (...) Stateless © Ben King   Films and Series from Down Under at Berlinale 2020   It’s the most wonderful time of the year for film lovers around town: the 70th edition of the Berlin International Film Festival – Berlinale – starts today, and films from Australia and New Z (...)   Season's Greetings & A Little Something Extra   ‘Tis the season to be jolly – and to watch awesome Australian and New Zealand short films! Merry everything and happy always - all of us at DUB headquarters wish you a joyful holiday season 201 (...)   Attending Filmmakers & Receptions 2019   Join Down Under Berlin 2019 for Q&As with attending film folk and some delicious treats at our Opening and Closing Night receptions! In 2019, Down Under Berlin again welcomes several makers of (...)   Island of the Hungry Ghosts – Program Highlight 2019   Down Under Berlin is proud to present Gabrielle Brady’s extraordinary multi-award-winning documentary, Island of the Hungry Ghosts, in attendance of co-producer Julia Niethammer. Premiering at th (...)

Down Under Berlin 2019

Down Under Berlin's 9th festival edition is over, and and we are busy working on upcoming events in 2020. We thank all our audience members, filmmakers, sponsors and partners for their kind support in the past year. Here's a look back at Down Under Berlin 2019.



Festival Program 2019

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Past Festival Films

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  Shorts: Sunday Selection   Diverse directors | AUS & NZ | 2015-2017 | 64 min | English & German| Diverse Premieres

In this short film slot, Down Under Berlin serves its audience a fine selection of exquisite film nibbles. Bon appétit! AFTER LIFE Prisca Bouchet & Nick Mayow | NZ | 2016 | 16 min | German Premiere No Monsters in Berli (...)
  The Marshes   Roger Scott | AUS | 2017 | Horror | 85 min | English | International Premiere

Deep in a remote marshland three young biologists conduct research but when they encounter evil, science ends and survival begins. (...)
  Stuffed   Warwick Young | AUS | 2013 | Comedy, drama | 22 min | English | German Premiere

Peter loves two things in life: stuffing animals, and his mother. When Ellen asks Peter to the dance he struggles to leave the comfort of home and his mum.   (...)
  Etch   Monique Terry | AUS | 2016 | 5 min | English | German Premiere

Can others shape your identity? Can words carve at your soul? What marks are left behind when love ebbs and flows?   (...)
  Deep Water: The Real Story   Amanda Blue| AUS | 2016 | Documentary | 87 min | English | European Premiere

Up to 80 murders, 30 unsolved cases, thousands of assaults. In the 1980s and 1990s, a murderous epidemic targeting gay men bloodied Sydney’s coastline. The film sheds new light on these hate crimes, and the institutional corrupt (...)
  Stille Nacht   Matthew R. Young | AUS | 2018 | Drama | 13 min | English | European Premiere

A widowed German-Australian mother finds answers to generational secrets as her gay daughter begins to face an unexpected pregnancy. Libby is a 20 something year old, modern day Australian girl grappling with guilt, regret and (...)
  Shorts: Late Night Special   Diverse directors | AUS & NZ | 2015-2016 | 60 min | English | Diverse Premieres

In this short film slot, meat-eating monsters, long-lost lovers and a wannabe Tour de France winner inhabit the big screen. Feeder Christian Rivers | NZ | 2016 | 16 min | European Premiere The Dam Brendon McDonall | AUS | (...)
  Am I Dancing   Jacqueline Hanlin | AUS | 2014 | Drama | 14:23 min | English | International Premiere

26-year-old art school graduate Andie loses her job as a commercial photographer. It’s the starting point for a tragicomic odyssey from one narcissistic misfortune to the next: mishaps of Riesling, pet cannibalism, and run-ins w (...)
  Twenty One Points   Pete Circuitt | NZ | 2018 | Comedy, Drama | 10 min | English | German Premiere

Meet 35-year-old Alan who still lives with his mum, and his imaginary best friend Gary – a 6 foot robot who loves to smoke and swear. Twenty One Points is what it takes to win a game of table tennis. Alan has played most of h (...)
  Battle of the Shorts: AUS vs. NZ - Round 2   Diverse directors | AUS & NZ | 2016-2017 | 90 min | English | Diverse Premieres

In this short film slot, Australian and New Zeland short films battle for pride and glory, and to win the audience's vote. Join the fun!   Mute Adam Thorogood | NZ | 2018 | Drama, Coming-of-Age | 14 min | English, N (...)
  After the Apology   Larissa Behrendt | AUS | 2017 | Documentary, Indigenous | 82 min | English | International Premiere

Four Aboriginal grannies each face their own battle to challenge government policies to bring their grandkids home. Their grassroots actions spearhead a national conversation to curb the skyrocketing rates of child removal. [su (...)
  Shadow   Sandra Fonseca | AUS | 2013 | Drama | 20 min | English | European Premiere

A young woman pursues a relationship that provides no emotional fulfillment. She struggles to find out what she really wants and deserves in life and in love.   (...)
  Maybe Tomorrow   Caitlin Farrugia, Michael Jones | AUS | 2018 | Comedy, Drama | 79 min | English | European Premiere

After the birth of their first child, Erin and Pat start work on their new film and in the process discover who they are as partners, parents and artists. Patrick is optimistic that filmmaking and parenthood are a good mix. But (...)
  Eagle   Gus Berger | AUS | 2015 | Drama | 10 min | English | International Premiere

After a death in the family, Coombra lost himself in a life of drugs and crime sinking deeper into despair, he finds support in an indigenous community program.   (...)
  Copycat from Ballarat   Stig Wemyss | AUS| 2016| Drama| 09:31 min | English| International Premiere

On the morning a gunman is sentenced to death for randomly killing people at his workplace. Tom, a young building worker from Ballarat, mirrors the attack, fuelled by a lifetime of abuse.   (...)
  Baby?   Mark Prebble | NZ | 2017 | Drama | 12 min | English | European Premiere

Isabelle, determined not to spend her 65th birthday alone, invites herself into the home of her new neighbour, a struggling mum in the middle of a nervous breakdown.   (...)
  Shmeat   Matasila Freshwater | NZ | 2016 | Animation | 6 min | English | German Premiere

In a dystopic New Zealand, the struggle for food and resources takes a heavy toll on society. Peculiar scientist Lecta takes it upon herself to solve this crisis. But for this, she needs human flesh… (...)
  The Blue Ducks   Ellen Richardson | AUS | 2016 | Drama | 11 min | English | German Premiere

Teenager Mallory must humiliate her younger sister in order to not lose face in front of her clique. (...)
  I Am Emmanuel   Genevieve Clay-Smith | AUS | 2013 | Drama | 20 min | English | German Premiere

21-year-old Sudanese refugee Emmanuel seeks a future in Australia that is not determined by his past. Where words are not available, emotions erupt into movement.   (...)
  New Talents Showcase: Becoming Whole   Diverse directors | AUS | 2013 | 55 min | English | Diverse Premieres

In this short film slot, Down Under Berlin serves its audience a fine selection of exquisite film nibbles. Bon appétit! Biting Down Kate Cornish | AUS | 2013 | Drama | 7:38 min | English | German Premiere Nowhere Carolina (...)

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